Pipeline Network

A Pipeline network in the Far East includes:

  • Over 1,000 6 inch and 8 inch production flowlines
  • 34 manifold stations
  • 32 trunk lines sized 16 inch through 30 inch from manifold stations to process facilities
  • 5 process facilities for oil and gas separation
  • 21 oil, gas and NGL export pipelines from 16 inch to 42 inch
  • The Operator wanted to develop a Mechanical Integrity program over a four year period.

RBI Approach

The Facilities ranged in age from new to 30 years old and very little data was available regarding the flowlines. The RBI approach was to:

  1. Do initial RBI Assessment using available data
  2. Use initial results to develop online inspection requirements & priorities
  3. After each inspection cycle update assessment
  4. Update the inspection plan from the updated assessment


The first year of the inspection program was initially focused on high-risk flowlines and allowed for quick remedial action where internal or external corrosion was likely on a high consequences line. This resulted in failure prevention of some critical pipelines.

The second years inspection program focused on high consequences lines with missing or poor quality data and on other high probability of failure lines. Some of these also required remedial actions.

The third and fourth years programs focused on medium and low consequences lines.

Prioritizing the inspection and remedial works over four years resulted in greater efficiency of operation and resulted in better use of limited resources.

Over 1,000
Production Flowlines
manifold stations
Oil, gas and NGL export pipelines
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