Loading Dock Hydrotests

Risk Based Inspection for Coast Guard Regulated Facilities

LPG Loading Lines

LPG loading dock piping from the isolation valve before the jetty to the LPG loading arms is regulated by the US Coast Guard. The conventional inspection requirement for this piping to perform an annual pneumatic or hydrostatic pressure test. This is very costly in terms of both downtime and in the direct costs of testing.

In 2018, we developed Risk Based Inspection plans for three LPG docks in the Northeastern US. The plan was based on applying API 570 and using non-invasive inspection methods that would not disturb the thermal insulation on the pipe. The plans were submitted to the Coast Guard and were approved. A baseline survey has been completed and the next survey is scheduled for 2023. This provided a significant cost and operational savings for the company.

We have since successfully completed additional LPG Loading Lines assessment with acceptance and approval by the US Coast Guard.



Implementing a Risk Based Inspection (RBI) approach for LPG loading lines eliminates the annual requirement of pneumatic or hydrostatic testing. The cost of the initial RBI assessment can be less than that of a single hydrotest, and each 5-year RBI survey may be a fraction of the cost of a typical hydrotest.


By removing the requirement to hydrotest, downtime due to testing and post-hydrotest drying can be eliminated.

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