SHIELD Inspection Data Management System (IDMS)

SHIELD-IDMS is a simple and practical system for inspection data management.

SHIELD-IDMS has applications across various process equipment and units including:

  • Piping
  • Pressure vessels and heat exchangers
  • Atmospheric storage tanks
  • Pipelines
  • Relief valves

SHIELD-IDMS was designed for ease of implementation, and for simple and effective inspection data management, with features including:

  • Simple data structure with properties and calculated values passed up and down to minimize repeated and manual data entry
  • User access levels to control read/write permissions of users
  • Built in API 510, API 570 and API 653 fixed interval inspection rules, with automated inspection task and interval assignment based on asset properties
  • Calculate asset minimum thicknesses across all components
  • Track and calculate CML corrosion rates; remaining life; and retirement dates; with data displayed for individual components and assets
  • Create and track your inspection program, with the ability to create customized inspection rules to apply to your assets
  • Log inspection activities, and attach any file formats for reports, photographs or AutoCAD drawings
  • Record recommendations or action items from inspections, with findings, responsible persons(s)/departments, target dates and equipment failure data
  • Dashboard for KPI tracking and easy review of assets with potential corrosion issues, or data quality issues; quickly identify overdue inspections; and inspection recommendations
  • Easy import/export of data through Microsoft Excel, with the ability to quickly make mass updates
  • Formatted reports available in multiple formats including PDF, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Product Overview

  • Dashboard - Inspections
  • Dashboard - Equipment
  • Dashboard - Recommendations
  • Asset Components
  • Corrosion Monitoring Location (CML) Tracking
  • Inspection Schedule
  • Inspection Activities
  • Inspection Activities - Search & Filter
  • Inspection Recommendations
  • Inspection Recommendations - Search & Filter
Track inspection tasks, with interactive graphs and charts to easily identify overdue and upcoming inspections.
Analyze and review equipment with high corrosion rates and/or low remaining life. Ability to filter per process unit/plant, geographical areas
Track inspection recommendations, priority category, recommendation type, and due dates. All charts and graphs are interactive and can be filtered on multiple criteria.
Create asset components to specify component types, materials and other design properties. Automatically calculate minimum wall thickness, and pass properties to asset CML's. Easily spot components with corrosion issues or problem data with representative corrosion rates, remaining lives and retirements date for each asset component.
Create, track and calculate corrosion data at assets CMLs. Designate CMLs as active or inactive, and view in detail each CMLs history.
Track inspection program, with filters available for due dates, inspection task, geographical location, or assigned manager.
Provides an audit friendly asset history, complete with file attachments such as inspection reports, photographs, design data files, and more. Log and track recommendations and action items found during associated inspection activities.
Log past inspection activities and other recorded event for your assets. Next inspection due dates are automatically calculated when inspection activities are logged. Provides an audit friendly asset history, complete with search and advanced filtering.
Log action items and recommendations found during inspections, with standardization of recommendations to allow Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking. Configure company specific recommendation criteria to allow consistent and standard recommendations tracking. Ability to manually override for specific scenarios based upon inspector/reviewer judgement.
Provides an audit friendly asset recommendation history, complete with search and advanced filtering. Track time recommendation has been open, and quickly filter on overdue action items.
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