Risk Based Inspection

RBI Implementation

RBI is a practical, cost effective system for Mechanical Integrity Management

Our team of engineers and specialists are highly skilled and experienced in the discipline of RBI. We can manage a complete implementation, or work within your Mechanical Integrity team to develop an implementation process that best fits your financial and operating objectives.

Whether using our SHIELD software, other commercial software or using an expert driven, qualitative approach, we will deliver exceptional value.


Focus efforts to gain the maximum risk reduction

The main benefit of RBI is that money and effort are spent in areas that provide the greatest benefit in risk reduction. In practical terms, this can mean elimination of non-productive inspection activities and addition of others to target a potential problem before failures or operational issues occur.

Whether this saves money in the short term depends on the starting point. A plant with no inspection program may see an initial increase in expenditure, while a plant with excessive inspection will see a reduction.

See our Case Studies page to see real world-wide examples of our RBI implementations.

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