Amine Corrosion Control

Amine Corrosion Control

Amine Corrosion

Many hydrocarbon processing facilities operate amine contactors and regenerators (Amine Units) to remove acid gases from the hydrocarbon streams. The amine units can offer the most significant Mechanical Integrity challenge in the plant. This is frequently a result of the amine fluid can breaking down and becoming contaminated while operating at high temperatures and with a variety of equipment materials. Most plants conduct routine chemical analysis of the amine fluids but if corrections are not made when contaminants exceed recommended levels, serious corrosion may occur.

Our engineers can work with your operations and mechanical integrity teams and your amine supplier to manage your chemical analysis data, develop health checks for your amine systems, and identify operating issues and solutions.


Prevent and correct amine quality problems before damage occurs

By reviewing current and historical amine analysis reports, as well as equipment design and operating data, we can identify, track and trend potential amine unit problems. We can provide amine quality, contaminant or damage diagnosis, help with identifying root cause and provide options for corrective actions.

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