North Sea Gas Terminal Non-intrusive Inspection Plan

A new North Sea gas terminal was constructed in three phases beginning in 1992. The Company desired a completely non-intrusive inspection plan for the 30 year plant life.

The plant included 4880 lines and 540 pressure vessels and heat exchangers and 186 relief valves.

RBI programs were developed during the design and construction of the plant with an objective of achieving a completely non-intrusive inspection program. The facility design included use of corrosion resistant materials. 

  •  RBI using T-OCA was implemented by an alliance team including Company/Tischuk/Design Contractor. 

The results

A 30 year plan was developed based on detailed process monitoring and non-intrusive inspection techniques.

The local regulator required shutdown for internal inspection after 3 years to confirm non-intrusive inspection results.

  • The results of internal inspection proved the effectiveness of the non-intrusive inspections and process monitoring and the local regulator approved the remaining 27 years of non-intrusive inspection.  
pressure vessels and heat exchangers
30 year
Inspection plan approved
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