SHIELD Amine Module

Monitor, Review and Take Action

Many hydrocarbon processing facilities operate amine contactors and regenerators (Amine Units) to remove acid gases from the hydrocarbon streams. The amine units can offer the most significant Mechanical Integrity challenge in the plant. This is frequently a result of the amine fluid can breaking down and becoming contaminated while operating at high temperatures and with a variety of equipment materials. Most plants conduct routine chemical analysis of the amine fluids but if corrections are not made when contaminants exceed recommended levels, serious corrosion may occur.

The SHIELD Amine Corrosion Control module is a simple tool to manage the amine data. It has an intuitive interface for entering the analysis results and provides clear graphic representation of the data. In addition, alarm levels may be set for each contaminant and automated emails may be sent when these levels are exceeded. Standard recommendations may be set for each individual contaminant and a dashboard provides management information about amine health over your company’s fleet of Amine Units.

Product Overview

  • Amine Analysis Trends
SHIELD Amine presents the amine analysis data in simple graphs that can reveal trends and show upper and lower limits. SHIELD can be configured to email notifications when any values exceed upper limits and to show a recommendation for action.


SHIELD Amine makes analysis data visible and usable

SHIELD Amine provides a simple solution to managing amine analysis data, whether based on reports from the supplier or on site labs.

  • The data is readily accessible by all concerned.
  • Graphic presentation makes trends visible.
  • Email alarms alert teams to out of spec conditions.
  • Recommendations available for alarm conditions.
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